The Express My ID™ Solution

Individual, Family, Employee, Customer or Member Benefits Include:

Express My ID Features

  • A personal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)/Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) certified Recovery Advocate assigned to manage each case
  • A team of experts to develop a personalized identity recovery plan, tailored to the individual’s needs
  • Victim assistance through a limited power of attorney, to handle all research, phone contacts, formal letters, thorough case documentation and follow up
  • Initiate disputes with creditors, bill collectors, banks, mortgage companies and governmental agencies such as the DMV, Social Security administration and the U/S/ Postal Service
  • Continuous and vigorous follow-up for 12 months after victim’s identity is restored to pre-event status
  • Informative interactive assessment tests, e-newsletters and member web access to the latest identity theft trends, tips and news

Express My ID Plus Plan Features All Above Benefits Plus

  • Daily Monitoring of credit through Experian®
  • Daily e-mail and Insta-Text® cell phone alerts
  • Up to $10000 reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses (underwritten by Virginia Surety Insurance Company)